Creative Business Building



Is your business feeling more like a drag on your energy than the fun and productive thing you love to do?

Are you looking for ideas on how to make your business hum again...and your research leaves you depressed, anxious, and feeling like it is just overwhelming to KNOW where to start?

Does it feel like you MUST become a marketing genius AND social butterfly in order to get your business flourishing? 

Do you wonder when you are supposed to actually DO what you are SO good at - if you were to try to implement these ideas that are preached as being THE WAY to SUCCESS?

Are you almost ready to just hire someone to come in and save you and do all THAT stuff for you? 


BEFORE you go that route.... just take a few minutes to consider...


You aren't the only one in this position!

I talk to a lot of business owners who REALLY are experts and masters at their profession- AND don't work for anyone except their customers. They love the work they do, the things they create, or the problems they solve.   

Their WORK is AWESOME and should stand out and be enough to get them more of the great projects and customers they want to work with. 

At least that is how they see it. 


I also speak to a lot of people looking for EXACTLY what these business owners LOVE to do. Do you know what THEY SAY?

  • They have no idea where to find the RIGHT person to provide them with what they are looking for.
  • They search in their communities and online and don't find the RIGHT people.
  • They ask peers and others in their communities and ...more dead ends.
  • Sometimes, they hear about someone who seems to be a possible fit, but when they try to find their contact info - they don't seem to exist.



So what is the solution?  

There are people looking for what YOU have to offer. How do THEY find out you exist? 

How do YOU figure that out without

1. taking all your time

2. making yourself crazy with a ton of research and learning

3. getting stressed out over a trial and error effort that you aren't sure how to tell it is working

4. throwing money away on a bunch of different potential solutions, books or courses that MIGHT help you

Do you do what you heard someone else did? 

Do you listen to your family or friends?

Do you just keep doing what you used to do? And hope it starts working better?


You could pick any of those - or you could ask for help.

I know- that one is kind of hard when you have had success and you just feel like the world has put you in a slump. 

But why keep suffering in silence - if someone is willing to have a conversation with you that MIGHT open up some new doors of opportunity - or thoughts of possible solutions? Especially someone who has done the research and experimentation and learned a ton about what works today? 

Specifically, what works for YOUR type of business and the customers YOU are looking for? AND things that you can easily learn to do-leaving you plenty of time to actually DO what you love!


It is up to you.         

I have been working with engineers who are highly introverted and very slow to recognize that they don't know everything- so they wait until things are REALLY bad in their business before they decide to do anything different or ask for help. They read a lot and decide what will and won't work for them based on no experience - just THEIR opinion. Really - it is based on what THEY are willing to do ------ or NOT do. 

I get it. I was one of them for a long time.  But the world changed and I didn't. Then- I observed businesses like mine - but with much less talent and better public relations were getting the projects I wanted!! Over and Over. Somehow- we were becoming obsolete! Invisible. 

So, I made the decision to listen to clients who no longer hired us - and potential clients who chose the OTHER people. I hired a young person to look at the situation from their perspective as well (since the decision-makers out there were getting younger and younger).

You are in a similar situation right now - JUST BECAUSE THE WHOLE WORLD HAS CHANGED HOW BUSINESS IS DONE  as we have navigated this pandemic. The hard part is- we are never going back.   That means what worked before will NOT work as well anymore. Ever.

I have spent the last 3 years studying under and learning from people who are very successful at building many kinds of businesses NOW. They are masters at pivoting and using the changes in how the world of business and customer connections has adjusted, to be even more successful. I was recently talking with a couple of artisans and realized they were struggling with the same things the engineers were.

Creativity and genius in their own area of expertise is NOT being seen by the people looking for their work.

Well, let's fix that!

As a hobbyist artist and crafter all my life, I totally appreciate how artisans impact our culture AND our spirits individually. Artisans bring joy, beauty, a sense of awe at the creativity of the human spirit. Their work helps us breathe easier and our thoughts soar to POSSIBILITY. 

If you are an artisan - WE NEED YOU to be successful- for our world to be BETTER!  

So let's talk. Let's see how what I've learned might help YOU.   It doesn't hurt to talk. 

To pick your preferred time to talk, connect to my calendar.

If your schedule is full or your world chaotic for the next couple of weeks - but you want to know more - click here and I'll send you some tips and more info.