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After more than 38 years of 'practicing' engineering — we have put it into practice on a project that is very personal to us! 

Years of work in HVAC, Indoor Air Quality, Industrial Hygiene, Building Science and Mechanical and Electrical Engineering as well as observing actual construction methods and doing forensics on 'underperforming' buildings and systems — along with some new Structural engineering skills have allowed us to transfer our skills to create a modern, high-efficiency log home that regularly withstands 80 mph winds and snow loads of 70 lbs, and yet is simple enough to construct to allow DIYer's with determination and staying power, to build it themselves. Transferring knowledge and science to applying it to a different climate than we have been used to dealing with for almost 40 years, has been wonderful, challenging and exciting, and allowed us to use everything we have learned and experienced over the years bringing it all back to our roots of growing up in the snowy, cold northern part of the US.  And yet, there is always more to learn! Dealing with wildfire, high altitude, seismic and water shortage/conservation requirements that are not just preferable but absolutely required, as well as rock instead of sand and high radon levels ... well, it has been extremely exciting! Then add to that building something highly sustainable and almost 95% out of clean, natural materials — with a minimum 50-year life — WOOHOO! Using every bit of that knowledge we have gained from numerous cohorts, researchers, scientists and builders at the multitude of conventions, committee meetings, code development workshops and conferences we have participated in over the years. This project has included every aspect of our many years of experiences including building relationships with those with 'local knowledge.'

This Colorado project has kept us out here for the vast majority of time for the last 2-1/2 years and has been a joy. So much so, that we will be spending the vast majority of our time continuing our work lives from a new headquarters, just southwest of Denver. 

Although we will no longer have a daily presence in South Florida, we will be continuing our consulting, forensics, legal support and expert witness work around the country as we have done for years, with a heavy focus on the Coastal regions from Maryland down to Florida and around the Gulf from Florida's big bend all the way to Galveston, as well as California, Hawaii and even to international locations.

Another aspect of our services now is to focus on providing great support, encouragement, resources, and guidance to upcoming engineering and highly technical service companies as they build and develop to be the great firms/companies of the future! Helping to develop the future of our industry is so exciting, and we have gotten to meet some very inspiring leaders who give us great hope for what is to come! 

We continue to be challenged with forensics and resolving issues occurring in facilities, such that the building owner can once again reap the benefits of their facility and those involved in the process can be the heroes who will continue to improve many facilities in their region. Pulling together the team and getting the problems behind everyone is the kind of resolution we love to be part of. 

At the same time, helping people be proactive and avoiding problematic issues, to begin with, is a wonderful way to operate for the best future outcome and we love to be of service in making projects as effective, efficient and environmentally safe as possible


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