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Engineering Business Savvy - CEU

After achieving licensure - many engineers choose to open their own businesses. Usually these businesses start out as sole proprietorships (Lone Wolf) - but some engineers envision a firm of many engineers and maybe other professionals to allow them to be THE FIRM in their region or specialty.  So how to you get from your Sole Proprietor starting point to THE FIRM? 

This course is designed to help you consider and take action on aspects of the process that move you down that path. The path for engineers is different from other businesses because of laws, regulations and licensing requirements and restrictions - so this course cuts through some of the 'normal' business recommendations that can get us in trouble - and sticks to things that fully apply to engineering businesses. 

Length to complete 3 hours 

CEU's requirements differ for various states. Some allow business courses, or any course directed toward running your business. Please check with your state.  A certificate will be provided on completion.


150.00 USD

BEC Consulting on Your Issue

1 hour Phone meeting or Zoom video conference call  wirh either Ron or Holly to discuss your Issue and get started to a solution. 

100.00 USD

Value Pack for 5- Fungal Contamination: A Manual for Investigation, Remediation and Control

Get 5 copies of the book that is known as "THE MOLD MANUAL" to many in the industry.  

Sensational news stories and a wide range of guidelines have made mold growth in buildings a confusing issue. In response, Fungal Contamination: A Manual for Investigation, Remediation and Control provides access to reliable information and procedures by gathering together the key information on mold remediation in one easy-to-read book.

The book is designed to help mold remediation professionals provide better service, by giving a solid introduction to the field and dispelling the misconceptions which currently abound. But, it also doubles as an impartial reference source for others working to control mold and for those affected by mold in their homes and workplaces–including facility managers, engineers, architects, building owners, risk managers and maintenance workers. Written by a leading industry expert, the book contains solid practical advice in an easy-to-follow format. It also covers a wide range of technical issues in-depth, including the health effects of mold, all aspects of assessing and dealing with mold, and the steps needed to make sure that mold problems don’t resurface in the future.

Although this book is used within the remediation industry, it is written to allow homeowners, decision-makers, and non-industry folks to access the terminology and concepts of mold remediation, assessment and prevention activities, without being overwhelmed with the terminology. It helps anyone navigate emergency response to floods, water damage, and other causes of mold, including the codes, standards and guidelines that apply.

Single books available on Amazon for $135 each.

540.00 USD