Gratitude — WOW a Truly Powerful Tool

I grew up with a dad who was always working on something – a tinkerer and a doer! Having the right tool for the job was always preferable, but sometimes you had to be a bit of McGyver and jury-rig to get the job done. For him, that was never a deterrent, just a challenge. But he was always so grateful when he had the right tool. It made things go easier, quicker and often with a better outcome.



New Opportunities and the Basics

Nothing like a new opportunity to create excitement, and at the same time cause you to panic a little—are you up to date and can you handle this new opportunity?

Last month, a really great opportunity for a challenging project dropped in my lap. You know the kind—the one you have to at least TRY for, even though you know some super creative rearranging will have to happen to your schedule to adjust things if you do get the project. In the process of going for it, some of my villains started playing games with my mind and of course my schedule and activities suddenly got complicated. But ... I found out something REALLY FANTASTIC!

Your Brand — 4 Steps to Create Your Brand with Clarity

A few weeks ago I posted an article about branding — what it is and why it’s important to your business. Now we’re going to talk about creating that brand. If you haven’t read the first article, I highly recommend you jump back there and do that and work through the getting started exercises — these next steps will make a lot more sense.



Your Brand — It's More Than a Pretty Logo

With the business “pause” in the first half of 2020, one of my projects has been to research branding. I wanted to learn how to develop a brand and what branding really means – for my own business and the businesses I work with. I want to share some of the basics with you so you can begin to work on your own brand, too.



Even in Uncertain Times — YOU Are in Control

Getting back to some semblance of normalcy requires taking control of your life and your business. You can’t just sit back and wait for things to happen — because no one knows how things are going.


Safer-At-Home (But You Can Start to "Get Back to Work”) Strategy Building

At this point it seems hard — because the money situation is getting tense. Expenses are still happening, but clients and customers aren’t paying old bills, let alone putting out new $$ since they don’t know how long this is going on. It looks like we are getting back to work in May or June, but the time lag between getting started and actually having things flowing is less defined.


How to Be a Courageous Business Owner During COVID-19

Being a business owner is nothing less than courageous. So much can go wrong and at least 60% of the time we really don’t know what we are doing — even when the curveball of COVID-19 isn’t raising havoc. We are winging it. No one has ever walked in your footsteps before. No one has been YOU in the time and place you are in, with the clients and projects that are surrounding you, with the challenges that face YOU. 


3 Steps for Spring Cleaning Your Business

It never hurts to do some actual CLEANING and bring in some fresh air! In business, that may mean tossing some old stuff that isn't getting used or is obsolete and bringing in some fresh ideas. So here we go with some ideas to do just that.