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Indoor Air Quality concerns in residential, commercial, institutional buildings...and even in seagoing vessels cause people to have physical problems that affect their life. Sometimes, air quality can create severe reactions from minor to life threatening! Other times, they just make you uncomfortable and irritated.

Since the inception of the "INDOOR AIR QUALITY" labeling of these issues, BEC has been involved in not only dealing with these issues, but working in the committees and associations that defined the parameters that create 'acceptable' or 'good' indoor air quality vs 'bad' or 'unacceptable'. BEC has researched and identified good science vs subjective reports and claims and pushed to be sure subjective information was only used as a starting point to investigate and understand the effects on occupants - then use date from testing, observations and reported conditions to correlate the claims. 

As technology has advanced testing methods and availability of really advanced methods for daily use, BEC has incorporated more methods to gain greater accuracy and variety of data. We always love to get involved on pro-active projects where building owners and managers are preempting problems rather than reacting to them. But- sometimes things happen that were not anticipated and owners and managers have to react in speedy and highly responsible manners, to evaluate possible risk to occupants and minimize it, while determining long term solutions that eliminate the cause of the problem.


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